What We Believe

We are North Swindon Baptist Church

We are a group of people who, because of Jesus, are…


    Saved by Grace

    Because of Jesus, we have hope, a new beginning and best of all a new relationship with the Triune God. This grace is Jesus himself, given to us so that we could know and be one with God the Father, the Son and the Spirit. He showed this grace at the Cross where Jesus died as a sacrifice (payment) for our sin (our brokenness). Instead of getting what we deserve (eternal suffering – a consequence for our sin) He has given us what we don’t deserve (a new relationship and a heaven to look forward to forever).


    Saved to Love one another

    Because of Jesus we love because he has loved us – this love is designed to be infectious! We love one another because we have been deeply changed by the love God has given us through Jesus, the Son. His love is unconditional and he offers it to us so we can love others in the same way. We don’t do this perfectly but this is our aim!


    Saved to reach our Community

    Because of Jesus we are able to share the good news to others but this does not mean simply preaching at people that they are doomed! We first want to love our community in practical ways with the love that we have been given. We also love our community enough to share with them the rescue found in Jesus while people still have time to put their trust in Him.

    What we believe is extremely important to us. Why? Because Truth is real! Absolute Truth says that there is either a God who created all things or there isn’t but either way it has to be true for ALL humanity, not just for those who choose to believe it. In other words, because we believe the Creator God is real we don’t define God – God defines us and all of humanity. The Bible is God’s ‘self-disclosure’ and so what we believe comes from this amazing book. The Statement of Faith below is one that we share with 500+ other independent churches, with whom we form a network called the FIEC.

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    You can find out more about the FIEC here.

    For a full Statement of Faith click here